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Media Training


Far too often, when a media interview fails to convert to significant coverage, the fault lies with a lack of media training and a lack of understanding of what the interview process is all about.  This is where media training can help.


Media training often starts with simple, but all important messaging.  Business & Technology PR places great importance in having all within an organisation able to concisely and consistently express key messages about the business.


To do this we use a technique called Message Mapping, which helps create compelling messages about the core essence of a company and what it does, and then moves out from that core to how those messages relate to various audiences.  Audiences can include:


  • Customers
  • Channel partners
  • Internal audiences
  • Media and analysts


Media training can be undertaken in various forms, from short refresher courses for a spokesperson who may have been trained a number of years ago, to full day courses for up to six or seven company spokespeople.


Media training can also be extended to running mock crises, testing how the organisation engages with various audiences under pressure when things go terribly wrong.

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