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Business & Technology PR Introduction


Marketing communication and media engagement for B2B and IT companies - brand awareness, lead generation and thought leadership


For companies competing in B2B, IT and other technology markets we use a myriad of marketing, communication and public relations tools to build reputation and brand awareness, generate sales leads, and create a thought leadership position for you in the Australasian marketplace. 


Our understanding of business and technology not only enables us to bring insights and offer creative solutions to those engaged in business to business marketing, but we also know how to navigate and leverage both traditional and digital media channels.


Because we specialise in B2B and technology marketing  we understand how different it is to B2C marketing.


If you want to take a fresh look at your PR and Marcomms take a look at our 'Three thought starters’.



Our services


Because we take a broader perspective of the communication challenges, and opportunities, we offer much broader services than the traditional PR agency. 


Our experience


Over the years our work has covered a plethora of companies and industry sectors. Chances are that we have a good understanding of your sector, and which verticals are the key to creating the brand awareness and reputation you seek.


Today, organisations are often looking to outsource more and more of their marketing communications requirements to a single partner.  Business & Technology PR is such a partner, with experience across: 

  • Public Relations
  • Advertising
  • Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Corporate Relations

Marketing communication media engagement B2B IT company brand awareness Sydney


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